How to Make a Mirrored Nightstand

Dec 5th
Mirrored Nightstand Alternate Views
Mirrored Nightstand Alternate Views

Take the mirror walls and use it on the nightstand. You can make your own furniture with old mirrors installed in a patchwork style. You can place it on the tabletop covered with a cloth first nightstand and then place the mirror on the top, so that a completely different and new mirrored nightstand.


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  1. Sand the surface of the mirrored nightstand to remove any excess finish and prepares the surface to accept adhesive.
  2. Ask a template from the nightstand to make sure you’ll have and cut the appropriate amount and size of mirror. Use plain paper or graph paper to make templates correct size.
  3. Using a glass cutter, which resembles a utility knife, marking the glass surface by passing the cutter over the surface several times. Cut the pieces of the agreement template.
  4. Arrange the pieces of the mirror to make sure you have enough and cut to fit. Begin to attach the pieces to the mirrored nightstand according to the manufacturer’s instructions putty you have selected.
  5. Grout applied to fill between the parts once the adhesive has set. Slurry prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply it by placing the float at an angle, pushing the grout between the spaces.
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