How to Clean the Teak

Nov 24th
How To Clean Teak Dining Table

 Usually the furniture in our house will be preserved if we often clean it regularly, but how to clean the teak furniture? Teak has been a very popular type of furniture, particularly in outdoor.  Sometimes cleaning is heard so simple but actually, if the way of cleaning are not suitable, it will not keep our teak well. So, how to clean the teak furniture? Let’s check it out!

Cleaning the Teak Furniture

Virtually, cleaning the teak furniture should be done annually for extending the life of our teak. Sometimes we get the problem in the furniture, especially the teak furniture, it can be caused by water damage, insects that like to eat wood, the dust, the spilled food and drink, etc.  Cleaning the teak furniture is the solution that will prevent any surface materials starting from penetrating deeper into the wood.

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Some people argue that to prevent serious damage to our wood furniture is not to put it in direct sunlight. It is important to use a soft cloth and brush to wash our furniture, also don’t use the steel wood because it can end up scratching or damaging our furniture. Cleaning the teak furniture, you can start with clear, warm water also a clean cloth and wipe down all areas. It will remove the loose grime and dirt, exposing other areas that need deeper cleaning. After this step is finished, make a mixture of one gallon of clear, then warm water with a half cup of regular laundry detergent and quarter part of cup of regular bleach. Next, use a soft bristled brush, gently scrub down the teak furniture while we focused on the dirtier areas which uncovered during the initial rinse. After finishing this deep cleaning, rinse the teak by repeating cleaning step at the first.

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There are a lot of teak cleaners and other product which are marketed for cleaning the teak. If your teak furniture is so dirty or suffering from other forms of wear or rot, you may take the risk, it will be better to use a small amount on an area which is out of notice. Putting teak cleaners sometimes should be avoided if the teak cleaners do damage to your teak.

The simple steps for cleaning the teak that has been explain above, if it is done regularly, it will keep it looking healthy and maintain the quality of the teak because as the teak ages and weathers, it is possible to change color and look a bit aged. Just avoid to use high-pressure cleaning tactics such as hoses or pressure washers.

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